The Municipal Casino of Sanremo is one of the three Italian gambling houses currently open (at the moment Campione is closed).

It is based on a “western Ligurian Riviera” city about 20 kilometers from the French border , it is located in a liberty style building designed by the French architect Eugène Ferret.

The 500s-style interior saloon of the Casino of Sanremo in a period image from the first decade of the 20th century (the Winter Garden)


First years

It was inaugurated on 12 January 1905 under the name of Kurzal.
During one of the most important evenings, dr. Andrea Fileti was assassinated under suspicious circumstances.
Managed for the first two years by the Parisian architect Eugene Ferret, it was a theater where parties, shows and concerts were organized.
Within it gambling was practiced, as indeed happened in most tourist cities, but without official authorization, only with the approval of the local administrations.
The first croupiers to operate inside the gambling house came from Ostend, Belgium, where a renowned school existed.

The Sanremo Casino in a vintage image, are not yet present the two side domes

In 1927, with the direct intervention of Benito Mussolini, the city of Sanremo obtained the Royal decree of 22 December 1927: it officially sanctioned the birth of the Casino of Sanremo in which it was possible to legally practice gambling.
The Casino of Sanremo officially opened its doors on 21 January 1928 with an inaugural gala evening.
An assembly was immediately convened which decided to expand the premises by creating two new wings, the fitting out of the ‘500 style interior saloon and the two side domes visible on the facade.
Numerous collateral activities that took place inside it, such as the International Chess Tournament of San Remo held in 1930.

In June 1940 it was closed by decree of the Ministry of the Interior because of the war.
Reopened when the conflict ended.

After the war

After the war years, the casino officially reopened on the evening of December 31, 1945.
Alongside the normal management of the casino there were many social evenings which once again attracted the clientele of the pre-war period to Sanremo.
On January 29, 1951, the first edition of the Sanremo Festival presented by Nunzio Filogamo took place in the ballroom.
The casino was home to the Italian Song Festival uninterruptedly from 1951 to 1976.
In 1977 the Song Festival moved to the Ariston Theater.

The Sanremo casino in a recent image

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